Every Life Deserves a Bio.

Introducing Biographer™ for iPad, the quickest, easiest way to get your story into an eBook with no knowledge of publishing or design required. We know you've got a story to tell. In fact, we know you have many stories to tell. You are probably not a writer by profession and perhaps you don't even like to write, but that should not stop you from getting your amazing story, or some part of it, on permanent record. Biographies are no longer reserved for the rich and famous!

We created Biographer to help anybody with an iPad break the task of writing their story into small, manageable parts that can quickly add up to something significant. Biographer organizes all this into sections and sorts out the chronological order and with one tap of your finger, creates a fully formatted eBook complete with: Cover, Title Page, Table of Contents, Dedication and Chapters with text and captioned pictures. This eBook can be opened by any major eBook reader such as Apple iBooks, Amazon Kindle and many, many more eBook readers because it saves in the latest eBook standard, ePub 3.

While autobiographies are fantastic and recommended, giving someone a biography is perhaps one of the nicest things you can do to honor them. Whether it's a child graduating from gradeschool or a loved one who is no longer with us, preserving your memories of that time in your personal history is priceless and can be enjoyed well into the future and because it's an eBook it can be shared by as many as desired.

Get Organized, Without Trying

Biographer can make more than biographies. Almost any story can be quickly organized and crafted in our easy-to-use interface geared to making the process a snap. Whether you are doing a book report, a rememberance of your grandpa or writing a daily journal, Biographer will help you keep track and then output to a universal format that can be easily shared.

We added several options for automatically creating Chapters based on simple inputs. For example if you want to organize chapters by decades, pick the starting decade and Biographer will complete it up to the present decade.

Of course, you can add images and captions to your memories, anecdotes and thoughts as needed. Biographer saves everything in a database which not only preserves your information but makes it more useful. At any time you can view a preview of your book or just create your eBook and open it directly in iBooks where it will appear on the bookshelf with the cover image of your choice. You can also at any time see the Plain Text of your entire book or HTML or even XML for advanced users. These can be shared with others who you may want to collaborate with. We will be adding more collaboration tools in the near future because we realize your stories are connected to others' stories.

For convenience you can navigate your story via the Timeline which can help you jump around as you remember things to add or edit.

Add As Much or As Little As you Want
To Each Chapter

The Chapter Editor is used to add new "events" which can be anecdotes, memories, thoughts, background information, etc. Each event is given a time tag so it can be sorted later.

Turn on the optional Time Themes to help you remember either the time of year or the decade you are writing about. With Time Fade turned on, as you go further back in time the colors become more muted.

An event has a story that can be of any length. You could even make a book with one event that was one big story if that's what you wanted but that might make it harder to manage.

If you prefer, you can speak your stories directly instead of typing because the iPad comes with Voice Recognition built in for this purpose. Never has it been easier to tell and share your unique stories.

Events can be given titles and optionally can be added to the Table of Contents of the eBook and can work as sub-headers in the formatted output.

Additionally, you can add media (currently only photos) to your events. You can have events that are only media and have no text or only have a caption if you like.

So your Chapters will build up as a series of events, media and combinations thereof.

It's pretty simple. Just keep adding events to your chapters and before you know it, a story will emerge which you can always see in the Story panel. Since it's all in a database, at any time you can revisit your event and add or edit your text and change pictures and captions.

Turn Your Story Into a Page Turner
With the Tap of a Finger

Great storytelling hinges on dynamic delivery, and for that, Biographer has the ultimate solution: ePub 3. This world standard can handle anything you can throw at it and we plan to throw as much as possible in coming versions including audio and video as well as interactivity. Because this is a standard XML-based format, you should be able to hand your eBook down to the next generation where your story can be preserved, possibly even added to the Library of Congress or other long-term repositories.

Even without these future features, you will be very pleased as you thumb through the pages of your story. You don't have to worry about pages, tables of contents or anything else in your eBook. Biographer takes care of all of this behind the scenes and then the eBook reader takes care of the rest. And because this is a flowing book, type can be dynamically resized and displayed properly on anything from an iPhone to a Windows Surface. That's the power of ePub 3—one standard shared across many devices.

You can also email your eBook right out of Biographer and a friend can immediately start reading your story. It's a fun way to share and it's a lot more interesting than the usual old social network Timeline because it's a real story, not just a series of random posts.

That said, we plan on making more connections into social tools to facilitate creating your story so stay tuned for that in future editions.

Biographer Features:

  • Work on unlimited projects at once, and not just biographies!
  • Stores all your entries in a database that gets backed up on iCloud and/or your computer
  • Automatically create Chapters (sections) and Events (sub-sections)
  • Add events, anecdotes and thoughts and assign dates and/or times to them. No limit to how much text you can add for an event.
  • You never have to worry about formatting or design, we take care of all that.
  • Add a Cover Image and images to your events along with captions
  • Set the Copyright, Publisher, Dedication and other meta information for your book
  • Instantly preview your story to see how it's developing
  • Print your story with various formating options
  • Guaranteed unique identifier is assigned to your eBook
  • Export your story as a graphically formatted eBook, complete with Cover, Table of Contents, Title Page and Copyright Page
  • Export as plain text, HTML or XML for additional usefulness where you could, for example, have more precise control over layout and design in other desktop programs such as QuarkXPress® or Adobe® InDesign®.

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