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Art Fountain for iPad can be used by all manner of Graphic Artists and Designers to quickly create copyright free, unique Vector Art using our innovative DNA (Dynamic Non-repeating Art) technology. Create anything from super simple patterns to complex multi-layered art and export as Layered Photoshop PSD, Merged PNG file or Vector PDF (with in-app purchase and subject to the Art Fountain License). Because the images are created algorithmically, these Vector PDFs would take hours to create any other way and they can be immediately opened and edited in popular Photo and Vector editing software such as Adobe® Photoshop® or Illustrator®.

We have a backlog of thousands of generators which will be added to the app over time but the set that is currently available can produce an astonishing variety of art for:

  • Backgrounds
  • Industrial Art
  • Hotel Art
  • Fine Art
  • Canvas Fields
  • Textiles
  • Industrial Design
  • Web Graphics
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Digital Publishing

Save files in Native Art Fountain format (settings only), Layerd PSD, PNG with transparency or Vector PDF via Dropbox™

The best way to appreciate Art Fountain, is to start using it for Free be downloading it to your iPad using the button above. However, feel free to try the on-line and much slower and much more limited version here for an idea: